May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Being that it is Cinco de Mayo today, we had potluck consisting of the entire sales department. Pulling that together was a marvel of engineering considering that the sales department is 100 strong and they didn't put out sign up sheets until the last minute (yesterday). The food was really good.

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that we have really embraced here in the US and I was curious just what we were celebrating. I was amazed to discover that in Mexico it is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in Puebla. It feels strange to discover that we celebrate the holiday more here then in the country where it originated.

I know that a lot of people reach for a Corona today, but I am older and have never been one to drink. So I usually just fix a taco dinner for myself and my DH. So do you celebrate it? And with what activities?



  1. Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for suggesting that I post my photo in the text of my blog so they can be seen that day in the blog reader. Good idea! I'm working on it, but for now will have a photo on both sides until I figure out a better way. Thanks again! Lisa C.

  2. You are more then welcome! I just love reading your blog and I hate not seeing the pics too :)


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