May 3, 2009

Quality vs Quantity

It occurred to me while I was taking a bath this morning that writing this blog will be a good thing for me. It will force me to organize my thoughts rather then having them flit away on me. It will allow me to look back over my posts a year from now to see how I have grown.

While trying to get my muscles to relax in a hot bath this morning I was pondering quality of life vs quantity. You see, I have fibromyalgia and high cholesterol. With the fibro, I have both good and bad days. The weather really seems to effect me in that rain will cause all my muscles to ache so badly that moving isn't a fun thing. And yes I do live where it rains alot. I am still working on moving to Arizona. My husband for some reason is addicted to trees . So as you can see, I do really treasure my good days.

Then the high cholesterol raises its nasty head. We (my doctor and myself) first tried to bring it under control with diet and exercise. But while I am kinda overweight, I am about 30 lbs short of being obese, and I don't tend to eat fatty foods. We exist on alot of chicken breasts in this household as my husband has trouble digesting beef. So needless to say, that route didn't do a thing, neither did the fish oil pills. The next step was trying the various drugs to reduce my numbers. We tried 3 of them hoping to find one that didn't cause my fibro to totally flare up. I finally had to look within myself and decide that I really don't care if my cholestrol causes me to die younger. It is far more important to me to be able to enjoy life when I am around. Oh and I discovered great side effect of this decision. I don't tend to stress things like Swine Flu. Stress interferes with my enjoyment of life so it has to go by the wayside.

Have you had to make this kinda of decision? And what did you decide?


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