Jun 18, 2009

I won a Contest!!

I actually won a set of beads but Jenn the owner and designer offered me a choice of her beads or a pair of earrings she designed. Since I am a jewelry slut and don't get the opportunity to acquire much jewelry made by others, I chose the earrings. They arrived about a week ago (I know I am slow) and I wanted to share them with you.

I have never received anything from Hong Kong so I had to get a picture of the envelope. Hmmm maybe not. It showed my home address and I am sorry. I am just not up to that kind of sharing yet. Sorry.

Now once I opened up the outer wrappings, I was in for a real surprise! Jenn had enclosed the earrings in the sweetest little gift box complete with a tag. You have to see this! I am just sorry that the image isn't clearer. All of these photos were taken with my blackberry.

Now onto the main event! These are the sweetest earrings. So comfortable and springey.

I have never tried a leverback earring before and you all would have been laughing watching me put them in for the first time. Once on though, they are so light that I forget that I have them in.
I highly recommend hitting Jenn's blog and checking out all she has to offer.

Oh and here is another pic of the earrings..a closeup you can say.

Thank you so much Jenn!



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