Aug 14, 2009


Well I found a new doctor and have an appointment on the 20th. Finding one was surprisingly easy this time around. Perhaps because I had too?? What irritated me was the receptionist. I called in asking if their clinic was accepting new patients and the first words out of her mouth was to ask if I have a chronic condition requiring pain pills. When I replied yes, that I have fibro, I was then advised that they couldn't take me a patient. I asked her if tramadol was considered a narcotic. She then put me on hold for 5 minutes to find out. I was then advised that they could accept me.

I was rather highly offended by this but decided to make the appointment and see how I like the doctor. But it did make me wonder just how people that are in chronic pain and need stronger medication would go about finding a new doctor. Why are they discriminated against? You would think that the doctor would consider it to be job security.



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