Aug 1, 2009

Here's To Health

As I have mentioned, I am in the process of quitting smoking. I haven't yet succeeded all the way but I have gone from a pack a day to a pack a week so I feel that I am making progress. I haven't noticed a change in the wind but then I never really had a problem with running out of breath. What is nice is the money that we are saving. When both myself and my husband were smoking, we were spending about $200 a month since the taxes were increased this last time. That is why we finally decided to quit.

Today we went a joined a gym just a couple miles from the house. They have some great classes that we can take at no additional charge which is nice. Though I think those will be more to DH's benefit as most of them are held when I am still at work. But they do have a nice pool and a woman's only workout room which I plan on taking advantage of. Best of all, they have showers!! This might not seem that important but the plumbing in our house is so messed up that we haven't had a shower since we moved in here 5 years ago. I can also see my water bills dropping as we won't have to run 2 baths a day. I weighed myself on the scale in the locker room and I am at 152.2 pounds. I will have to see where I am a month from now. Wish me luck. I would be extremely happy if I could get down to 135.

On the fibro front, I started taking a new drug that was approved for fibro in June. It is called Savella. I only started taking it a couple days ago so I am not sure just how it will work out but I can say that I have a lot more energy then I did. Maybe I will be able to get up early enough to go to the gym before work. I will have to let you all know how that works out.

On another unrelated topic.... our heat wave finally broke. It is pretty bad when 80 degree days feel cool. I am just not designed for a 100 degree days when humidity is up around 50%. Oh and we (myself and DH) haven't killed each other yet. We are dealing well with the added stress of the kids. And they are supposedly leaving next week. Well I will chat with you all later.



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