Aug 21, 2009

Pain Contracts

I went in to see my new doctor yesterday. I liked her because it seems that she is willing to work with me on my fibro. She is also up on the new drugs and advised me that a couple of the drugs that my previous doctor had prescribed really have to be watched as working together in high enough levels could be deadly. Not at all sure why Dr. Larson didn't catch that as he was the one that set me up both.

One thing that baffles me though is their pain contracts. To be prescribed pain pills for a chronic condition, I have to sign a contract agreeing to only get my drugs thru her and to have random drug tests. I don't have a problem meeting the conditions but why are they asking for this. It seems to me that insurance companies wouldn't like to be paying for these drug tests, and it is an invasion of privacy. It basically says that you as the patient need to trust your doctor but they don't trust you. Isn't trust supposed to be a two way street?



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