Aug 16, 2009

Whatta Week

I think that I have officially gone around the bend. This last week was insane and I am paying for it today. I haven't done any overtime since we had a last shift bid a couple months ago. Before that I would pick up a few hours every week. Well I am still trying to recover from being traded to another department for a few months as I work in a commission job and to make any money I must have sales in the pipeline. Our commission is also paid out a week behind. So my commission paycheck this month will be rather small as last month I was still in the other department. So to ensure that I have enough money to pay both the car payment and the mortgage, I worked some overtime last week. Fifteen hours worth to be exact. I am discovering that while the Savella gives me more energy, it isn't limitless and I do have to pay for it. So today, which is my only day off, I have been listless and exhausted. That doesn't make me insane. But the fact that I intend to do this to myself next week also does.

I did have an enjoyable evening last night. I attended the Fire Buffs meeting and then went to work friend's housewarming. I don't really associate with the people at work after hours and I don't know why. Guess that I am a hermit at heart but it has started to get to me a little as it would be nice to have a girlfriend that I can chat with. Well anyways, I attended this party. Most of the people were more then tipsy as I did show up late due to my meeting. But it was a good party. I knew almost everyone there so my shyness didn't kick in and the best part was that one of the women at work, Cassie, that used to sit by me and I used to chat with invited me to attend their monthly ladies night out. It is the third Saturday of every month. I am looking forward to getting together with them next month and letting my hair down.

And now onto my gym update.... I didn't attend as much as I would have liked as I discovered that getting up early in the morning to go in and then working a 11 1/2 hour day just doesn't work for me. But I did manage to make it in twice to lift weights and once for a water aerobics class. I plan on heading there tomorrow night after work also as I get to sleep in on Tuesdays. That way I will have at least lifted weights 3 times before I meet with my trainer on Tuesday. I didn't lose any weight this week but I did manage to fit into a pair of jeans that have never fit! Why did I buy them if they never fit you ask. Well I liked them and at the time I was losing weight. The only problem was that my weight stabilized one size larger then those jeans. Well they fit now..a little tight but comfortable! Definitely shows that I am on the right track.



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