Oct 27, 2009


I have a new little guy named Sterling who recently joined our household. He is a handsome grey kitten with a few tabby stripes but not many. I would love to get a good pic of him to share but I haven't succeeded yet. I had forgotten just how interesting life can become when there is a furbaby in the house. Especially if it is a mechanically inclined cat. He has already figured out just how fun it is to turn lights on and off. I am really hoping that he doesn't learn how to work a lighter.

I have to hang my head in shame. I have been really bad about going to the gym. In fact, I haven't worked out since I had the trouble with my tooth. Speaking of teeth. I was supposed to have a root canal done today. Since I have a phobia of needles, the dentist was supposed to call in a prescription last night that I was supposed to take this morning before going in. So I went to the pharmacy to pick it up only to find that the dentist forgot. No problem. I have his after hours number. Well he doesn't answer and never returns my call. So I call and cancell the appointment. I later call to reschedule to be told that they don't think that I am a good fit for thier clinic. Excuse me... I am not the one that messed up. And it isn't the first time either. Now I have to go find another dentist. What a pain....

Well everyone take care of yourselves!



  1. Love that you have so many animals, however, snakes are my favorite!

    ANNNNNDDDDDD Congratulations you are the winner of my Beadwright Comment Contest. If you would contact me with your mailing information I will send you free beads.


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