Oct 1, 2009

Tea Time

Wow. What a difference a couple hours and a few cups of tea can make. I now feel semi awake which is better then I have done all day. I left work early today because I was hurting so much with my fibro that my brain fogged up. I was giving customers the wrong info accidentally. Since I am working in the customer care department where we do get escalated customers I decided that this wasn't the best thing to do.

So instead I started on a quest. Ever since I started reviewing for TeaViews, the amount of tea that I have around has gone up. This is because of the samples and the fact that I keep falling in love with different teas and trot off to buy them. I needed some place to put all my goodies before they ran us out of the house. I looked around Ikea for a cabinet that I could put in my kitchen all to no avail so finally I thought of Goodwill. Bingo! A chest of drawers that can hold everything. I already have 3 of them full. Wonder what I am going to do when I fill them all up.

And yes, it is front of one of the five (yes I said five) doors going off of my kitchen.



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