Oct 5, 2009

With Chicory?

It has been an interesting couple days around my household. I went in on Friday to have an impacted tooth removed. Here I was assuming that I was done with it. No more pain and I would be up and running by Sunday. No such luck. Sunday comes around and I am still in a lot of pain. I call the dentist and leave a message. No reply. So Monday I call into work and let them know that I won't be coming in. And then I call the dentist to let them know that I am coming in there. It turns out that the bone beneath that tooth had become infected. Now I am on antibiotics for the next 10 days and more pain pills. I am really hoping that I am feeling up to working some tomorrow after my massage. On the bright side, my furkids have been very happy that I have been home. Heck they are happy that both myself and my DH have been home. He hasn't been to work since Friday as he has the flu. When it rains it pours.

I do want it to be known that when I post a review on this blog for a tea, a cafe or anything, that I have purchased the product that I am talking about. I am sure that you are wondering why I brought that up. Well the FTC is going to start cracking down on bloggers who review products that they are getting for free. I am not sure just why they are doing this unless they felt that they had to interfere...errr..make their presence known as part of their job security.

While I was waiting to get my prescriptions filled today, I checked out the tea section at my local Target. There was a sale on Celestial Seasonings teas so I picked up their Fruit Sampler. As I was heating up the water for brew up a cup of Wild Berry Zinger, I was looking over the ingredients and noticed that one listed was chicory. When I think of chicory, coffee comes to mind not tea. In fact, I have never seen chicory listed as an ingredient in a tea or herbal tisane. And I am totally confused on what it is doing there now. The Wild Berry Zinger is a rather tasty herbal tisane. The hibiscus and the various berries jump out at you. But why chicory?

Have a good evening everyone.



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