Nov 18, 2009

Alive?? Well maybe

I know that I disappeared for a while and I am sorry about that. Things just got a little strange.

On the medical side, that new doctor I started seeing in August. The one with the drug testing.. yeah now you remember her. Well I had an appointment to go back and see her on October 20th. Well on that morning a received a call from her office saying that they needed to reschedule as she was out of the office that day. Not being one to stress the small stuff, I shrugged and rescheduled my appointment to November 3rd. Well the same thing happened. I finally got into see her on the 10th just to be told that she doesn't feel that she can handle the care for my fibromyalgia due to the drugs I am on that enable to be a functional part of society. So basically she strung me along since August and now I am scrambling to find a new doctor as most of my yearly prescriptions need to be rewritten in December. Sigh....

On October 30th, we were having a potluck at work. I stopped by a Safeway to pick up some pop. I was in there at 6:30 am for about 10 minutes and someone broke into my car and stole my laptop. I sure hope that they are enjoying it. One should never steal from a witch the day before Samhain. Especially when a full moon was hitting.

On the upside, I was planning on working OT yesterday but I bailed and spent the day pampering me. As everyone knows, I am a huge tea drinker. Well I went to my first tea shop and had a tea set. It was delicious and something that I plan on doing again. I took a picture of the top part of my tea tray to share with you. Below was four different types of tea sandwiches and a ginger peach scone.

One of my best friends just moved back the area so that is another plus! I haven't gotten a chance to see her yet as I wanted to give her a chance to settle but I take it as a sign that everything is looking up.



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