Dec 26, 2009


I don't know why but that title just seems as though I am spelling it incorrectly.  Just one of those things.

Ex-detective and semi ex-demon Conall Macmillan is back in town and needs a way to atone for the damage he did the last time he was around.  He pretty much has his demon side under control even though he is having issues with convincing the vampire sheriff who just wants him dead.  Conall might have found a way to atone when he stumbles upon the vampire Constance whose son has been kidnapped.  But cracking this case just might cost him what is left of his humanity.

SCORCHED by Sharon Ashwood is the second book in The Dark Forgotten series and does a great job of standing all on its own.  That to me is always a mark of a good book.   While not a paranormal comedy there is also laughter which makes this book just plain fun to read.  I would recommend to any reader who enjoys the lighter side of the paranormal.

Disclaimer:  While I was not paid for this review, I was sent the book at no charge and I won't be returning it.


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