Jan 17, 2010


I went out today to tea with a couple of girlfriends.  Just an afternoon of chatting, gossiping and general catching up with each other's lives as we don't see each other all that often anymore.  Studies say that these form of connections are good for both our physical and mental health.  I am curious however just how many of us actually manage to maintain these connections in today's world.  Or rather then taking the time to get together physically, do we instead just send emails or pick up the phone?  I know that I am guilty of taking the easy way out.  Really getting together did cause me to feel more grounded and energized though. 

As we were leaving, we promised to do this at least every couple months.  Now let's see if we actually manage it. 

How good are you at maintaining your friendships in person?  How important do you feel it is to get together physically?


  1. I don't do a lot with my friends... it's too hard to schedule things with all of us rushing about to and fro. When I need to recharge usually all I need to do is go to the woods--and avoid falling down an embankment.

  2. We moved so far out that I have no girlfriends around. So when we go to town i must seem like a maniac to the women at the library. But then again they yak just as much as I do so we have a good time.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and entering to win the earrings.

    i love to see your babies. Don't know if you had the chance to look around but I have pics of our 3 Jack russells on here.


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