Jan 21, 2010


Wow!!  Laurell K. Hamilton is back on the top of her game.  Yes there is sex, but how can there not be when Anita is feeding.  Yes there are sexy men but again how can there not be?  Most of Anita's men are just too yummy.

FLIRT starts out innocently for Anita with a lunch with her men.  It quickly turns dark and dangerous.  Pick up FLIRT to see just how far Anita will go to protect those she loves.

One thing I really loved about this book was the epilogue where Ms. Hamilton walks us thru the process of writing FLIRT  right from the original idea to when she hands it over.  I found this very interesting. 

I highly recommend FLIRT to any readers who love Anita Blake.  It is dirty, gritty and of so Anita.  I rate it a 5 out 5.


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