Jan 2, 2010

The Girl on Legare Street

Occasionally nothing will satisfy as much as a mystery.  I have to admit that those occasions don't hit me frequently but they do it.  So I was happy to see that I had THE GIRL ON LEGARE STREET among my books needing to be reviewed.

Ms White has done a great job of blending a mystery with the paranormal.  The main character Melanie has spent her entire life trying to ignore her gifts which allow her to communicate with the dead.  She has also spent most of her life hating her mother who left her when she was only seven years old.  But now her mother is back in her life and trying to protect her from a spirit that is out for revenge. 

Once I picked up THE GIRL ON LEGARE STREET I had a hard time putting it back down.  The twists and turns draw the reader in deeper as Melanie and Jack, who is a hunk that Mel can't seem to figure out what do with, race against time to decipher why this spirit is out to destroy Mel and her mother.  The answer is one that comes out of left field.  I would highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys their mystery with a little extra spice of the paranormal.


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