Feb 24, 2010

Review: Shalador's Lady

Having been waiting impatiently for this book to come out ever since I finished THE SHADOW QUEEN a little while ago.  When it showed up on my doorstep, I started dancing for joy.  And I am very happy to say that it more then met my expectations.  We get to see Cassie and Gray's relationship grow and flourish.  Witch makes her appearances as well as Surreal and Karla.  It almost feels as though it is old home week with some newer additions to Witch's circle.

I am in a quandary on how to rate this book as followers of Ms. Bishop's Dark Jewels will absolutely love this new addition.  However this is not a book that I would recommend to anyone just picking up the series as there is bound to be confusion on the caste system as well as who the players are.  I think that will rate it a 5 out of 5 with the suggestion that any new readers start at the beginning.  All of the books in this series are excellent so it shouldn't be any hardship.


  1. nice post. thanks.

  2. A good review, you've helped me make up my mind, I wasn't too sure about getting this book in hardback (I normally only get paperback), but you've helped me decide to get it- thanks

  3. I am so glad to be of help Liz :)


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