Feb 21, 2010

Week In Review 2-07 to 2-20

 I realize that I forgot to write last Sunday but I didn't remember until a couple days ago so I just decided to plop it all in today's post. 

Let's see, back on the 9th I managed to win a jackpot on a slot machine at the local bingo hall.  Not one of the huge ones that we all hear about but I certainly didn't refuse this one.  It enabled us to pick up a few things that we were wanting/needing. 

I got a new teamaker that actually steeps tea correctly and keeps it warm.  It seems like heaven to finish one cup of tea and to just go and pour another without having to brew it.  This is a luxury that coffee drinkers have had forever, why did it take so long to come up with it for tea drinkers? 

Also picked up DH and myself new cameras.  He got a really nice one since he has become more and more interested in photography.  So he got a new toy in exchange for staying off of hills that he can fall down.  Mine isn't so good for outside photography but should do great for jewelry and my pets.

On a need, we picked up one of those little portable water heaters.  Yeah we are still without hot water and still looking for a new home.  We have to get out of the place we are in.  I know that it isn't helping our health. 

I did win a couple prizes in the One World One Heart blog crawl.  I will be taking pics and sharing them with your when they both arrive.  I so have to get involved with that next year.  What a great way to meet people from all over the world.

That's about it.  Not too much happening.  I am so looking forward to writing that we found a new home.  Hope that everyone has a great week!


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