Feb 28, 2010

Week In Review 2-21 to 2- 28

 Today is such a beautiful day outside that I wished I could go outside and play.  I don't have a bike but it would be really nice to be able to take Boo for a walk in the park.  Everyone is out working on the herb garden at Pt Defiance Park today.

This week hasn't been really eventful.  I say that with almost disappointment but you know, a quiet life is also a blessing.  During the winter, even a warm winter, I tend to hurt too much to do a lot.

One thing that is happening is that I am running my first contest.  It is for free white and brown rice.  To get to the contest click here.

We got the verdict on the DH's shoulder.  Apparently he tore the tendons loose from the shoulder socket.  He goes in for surgery on  March 11th.  It's only day surgery but there are still risks.  I managed to take that day off but I am not quite sure how he will be doing on Friday.  We shall see.

I FINALLY got my FMLA squared away.  My employer now has a third party manage all the FMLA claims and it is such a pain.  I much preferred it when everything was handled in-house.  That way if there was an issue, you could go sit down and talk to your local HR rep.

Still looking for a new place, though I am not looking as seriously until after DH is healed up.  He keeps saying that we can move anyways but I don't see how.  I can't moved furniture.

Hope that everyone has a great day!


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