Feb 9, 2010

Went Shopping

Is there anything that will place a smile on someone's face faster?  Especially for goodies with what let's call unlooked for riches.  I went out to our local bingo hall after work last night and hit the jackpot on the slots.  So I finally had the extra money to pick up a couple goodies I have been wanting.

After my computer was stolen last year and I lost a lot of what I had saved on it, I swore that I would be getting a backup hard drive.  I just haven't had the extra money.  That is til now.  I went to Best Buy and picked up a SeaGate Replica.  No more worries about losing pics or tutorials again.  One worry gone.

We also went into BB to pick up a decent camera for the husband.  He is starting to get back into photography and as long as it doesn't do any more extreme photography where he falls down an embarkment, I am all for supporting him.  While there I decided to pick myself up one.  Nothing as fancy as his, I just don't need it.  But a little Nikon CoolPix fit my bill.  Now I might be able to get some good pics to share.


  1. Thanks for stopping by on the OWOH tour.
    Happy snapping with your new camera!

  2. Thank you so much! I am carrying it in my purse but I really have to get in the habit if getting it out.


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