Apr 16, 2010

And the week...

drags on.  I guess that I shouldn't really say that as I had so much energy yesterday.  That day of droning really did help.  Just goes to show me that I really do need that.  I am going back on 4 10s on the 25th of this month and boy am I looking forward to it.  I really do need that down day to be able to function.  We are going to be doing another shift bid sometime in June.    Not happy about that as I will have to fight for another shift that I can flourish in.  I might have might my doc write me out a prescription.  

I guess that today I am just frustrated.  It doesn't seem to matter what I do.  I am just not going to make the required stats this month.  And I always make them them.  It's enough to cause me to pull my hair out.

As far as the pic...  I just love Art Noveau.   The curving lines, the grace.  I really wish that style would come back into fashion.  Maybe when we move, I will look for pieces in that style to furnish my house.


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