Apr 8, 2010

Computer Woes

Never, I repeat never buy a Gateway computer.  I purchased my Gateway on October 31st of last year.  I had no complaints though I never really adapted to the keyboard.  Well yesterday all a sudden, my Outlook refused to open.  Well I tried to repair it, uninstalled and reinstalled it.  Nothing worked.  I even restored my system to an earlier date.  Again nothing.  So as a final resort, I was going to restore my computer to its factory settings.  There was just one issue.  The backup disks that GW recommended that I make didn't work. 

And the computer was demanding that I insert the disc for my operating system.  So being the dunce that I am, I rushed out and bought the full version of Windows 7.  And could someone please tell me just why the disc with the operating system doesn't come with computers anymore?  That is so ridiculous.  Or cheap of the manufacturers.  So anyways, I ended up spending $200 that I really didn't have to spend. 

And the tale worsens....

After we picked up the OS, myself and the hubby went out for dinner.  There I was congratulations myself on fixing the problem.  Prematurely as it turns out.  When I got home and attempted to load the cd, the cd drive would no longer work.  I was about ready to pull my hair out.  But I restrained myself and called Gateway.  And things went downhill from there.

The representative that answered the phone was in India.  I don't have a problem with people from various countries however when you are dealing with computer issues, I would prefer to deal with someone that doesn't have to work from a script.  I mean seriously.  There are far too many variables to script.  And I should have known that I wouldn't be able to work with her especially when she wanted me to register my computer.  I had done that months ago online.  Not too impressed with their record keeping. 

And the battle was joined.  She didn't seem to be able to hear me so I had to talk in a loud voice and then I had to repeat the issue 4 times.  The rep then decided that it was my fault that the CD Rom drive died in 6 months.  Gateway would replace it but I would have to pay the shipping and I would be without a computer for at least 2 weeks.  I can't imagine being without a computer for that long.

So I needed to get a new computer and it was 8:40 at night.  So I broke some speed limits and rushed to Best Buy.  There I spent another $600 and picked up a computer.  Probably more of a computer then I need as I am not one to fill up my hard drive but this one has 500 gigs.  This one is an ASUS and it better work better then a Gateway.

So the moral of the story is to avoid Gateway computers.  They suck!


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