Apr 24, 2010

Review: Applebees

We went out last night because I was so hungry that I was getting nauseous and I wanted red meat.   We don't cook it around my house because Saje can't eat it.  So we went out to Applebees.  I like Applebees' steaks when they are cooked right.  That however rarely happens the first time around.  They were busy when we arrived so we waited patiently for a booth.  We ended up instead at one of their bar tables because I was that hungry.

Our waitress Sheena was very nice but it did take her about 10 minutes to get around to us.  We ordered off of their '2 for 20' menu which includes an appetizer and 2 entrees.  We choose their hot wings for an appetizer.  My husband got their bacon cheeseburger with fries and I ordered a 7 ounce steak medium with garlic potatoes.  For drinks, Saje got a Blue Moon and I got my usual iced tea.

The problems began almost immediately when they served him the wrong beer.  Easily fixed.  The appetizers arrived quickly and was great.  But our entrees took about 20 minutes to arrive.  Saje's burger was great but my idea of a medium steak and the cook's idea varied greatly.  It was cooked well done.  I flagged Sheena down and let her know.  She reordered it and it took another 20 minutes to arrive.  This time it was wonderful but I wasn't that hungry after the wait.

Now you would think that after that long of a wait for my correct order to arrive that my meal would have been comped to me.  Nope not at all.  They wouldn't even let me take the well done steak home to my dogs.  I ended up having my meal boxed so that I could take it home for lunch today.

I do understand that everyone can make a mistake but their handling of this issue was very disappointing.  The food once I received what I actually ordered was good.  But I am rating this restaurant low because of how they treated the issue.

I am rating Applebees a 2.


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