Apr 21, 2010

Tea Tasting and More

I am excited.  I am going to actually participate in an online tea tasting.  Lochan Tea will be sending out 10 different Darjeelings, all one ounce each for us to taste.  And it only costs $30.  And that includes shipping.  I am all for learning more about the different teas.  If anyone is interested click here.

I went in for my last acupuncture appointment today.  I am really not sure if it helped.  I still hurt afterwards but she did say that it would take awhile as my fibro is a chronic condition.  But I did have 8 appointments and I am not really seeing a difference.  In fact, I had to leave work early Monday because I was just plain hurting that badly.

My new shift starts this Sunday.  So I will start having weekends off again.  I am so excited.  I will be able to attend TERRA's Beltaine celebration.  Beltaine is my favorite sabbat and I thought that I would be missing it.  So all is good.  Hopefully Saje will also be able to get the day off.


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