Apr 11, 2010

Week In Review: April 4 to April 10

This week has definitely been one of computer woes.  I had posted earlier of the issues with my Gateway.  What I didn't post is that the ASUS I had picked up to replace it was glitchy.  It wouldn't even allow me to load ITunes so back to Best Buy I went Friday after work.  This time I spent a bit extra and picked up an HP.  They say that three is a charm and this one seems to be working.  And I am in love with this computer's keyboard.  And I have learned a lesson about trying to adapt to a computer.  The Gateway, well I didn't care for the keyboard but I figured that it would grow on me.  Well it never did and I was always hitting the wrong keys.  Made typing a real pain.  This keyboard here is perfect for my hands.  So the next time I get a computer, I will return it right away if the keyboard doesn't feel just right.  I feel kinda like Goldilocks.

Went out and tried a new pizza place here in Tacoma on Wednesdays.  They have the best pizza that I have ever tried and the hubby agrees.  So if you are looking for a great pizza be sure to try out the Rock Fired Pizza.

I have been stressing some at work.  I need to get my sales up since I took the time off last week.  If they don't come up, I won't be in Club for this month and we really can't afford that.  So I am working hard on getting a sale on each call.  And crossing my fingers.

Not a lot else has been going on.  Since the weather has been back and forth with cold & wet to sunny & windy, my fibro has been acting up.  But that is really to be expected. 


  1. I HATE when technology works against us!

  2. Oh goodness, tell me about it. I think that I finally found the computer that fits me. And boy is it fast.


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