Jun 23, 2010


Sorry to have disappeared for over a week.  That is something I am truly trying to avoid this year.  I know that consistency is the goal if I want to build up my blog.  But it has just been one of those times when I feel like an airhead.  For the last couple days, I have even left my phone (and I think my brain) at home.

The good news is that my muse has been coming back.  I have been working a lot with kumihimo braiding making necklaces, key chains and bookmarks.  I was sitting here at work and designing out a necklace with picture jasper and crystal.  It is so nice to see her again.  I am really hoping that when we move I can have a place to play when she hits and not have to worry about stashing everything at the end.

So how has life been treating everyone?


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