Jun 12, 2010

The Fitness Rip Off: Tacoma All Star Fitness

Yes this is a rant or is it a review?  I guess that it could be a little of both.

Around July of last year, we (myself and my husband) decided to join a health club, All Star Fitness, here in Tacoma.  I thought that I would enjoy the classes and he wanted to lift weights.  I thought that it would be a good investment all around.  Well I quickly found that their classes just don't fit my schedule as I work 10 hour shifts.  Still no great loss as I like to use the pool, the hot tub and the showers.

Then we went through a couple months where getting a hot shower is very much a hit and miss.  Now they finally have that fixed, thank goodness.  I hate getting covered by chlorine and not being able to wash it off.  And call me a wimp but I am not about to take a cold shower.  Now their hot tub has been down for three days and they have NO idea when it will be fixed.  With my fibro, soaking in a hot tub for half an hour really helps me out. 

I asked when it would be fixed very pointedly and was told they have no eta on that.  I then asked when I would be getting a credit back as I am paying for the use of the hot tub (or what they call the spa) every day that I am in.  They hemmed and hawed but the bottom line is that I won't be getting a credit.  To me, since they are not delivering what they have promised and contracted too, I should be getting a credit back.  I know that when our year is up, we will be finding another gym.  This one sucks.

Oh and as you can guess, I rate them a 1 :(


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