Jun 26, 2010

Moonstruck anyone?

Don't you love eclipses?  There is one happening tonight!  I plan on brewing up some tea to toss into a thermos and finding a good spot to watch it from.  It's happening early here on the west coast, even before the sun goes down.  Should be better on the east coast.

I am so excited!  I think that summer might actually be rearing up its head.  It has been fairly warm the last few days.  Heck I was wondering on Thursday if I was going to get a sunburn from my driving around (I didn't luckily).  I am really hoping that the warmth will cause my fibro to lighten up some.

And yes my muse is back in force!  I made a gorgeous necklace last night with crystals and chalcedony briolletes.   It was so nice to see her back.  If I am to make one of my goals with is to actually get my Etsy store up and going, I really need to have some items to put there.  And it was so fun to start out with one idea, dig through my gemmies and come up with something entirely different. Now I need to figure out how to get some nice pics.  I want to be able share with everyone.

Have a great day!  Oh and if you live in the Tacoma area, don't forget the Taste of Tacoma.


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