Jul 14, 2010


We went through the house on Monday night.  It was great, much larger then I expected.  According to the flyer, it is four bedrooms but there actually five.  My mind boggles when I think of all the extra space.  It is twice the size of my current house and I will be able to have a bead room and yet another to play with glass in.  All I can think about is what color I want the walls and what I need to buy for the house.  We don't even have a decent sofa or a table so I will need to get both.  Oh and what color the walls.  I need to have a painting party.  Can you tell that I am excited!

Oh and this place has no landscaping however it also have NO blackberries.  We will be moving in too late to grow a garden but I am already making plans for next year.  Oh to have a house that I can be proud of.  This is a dream come true.


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