Jul 11, 2010

Let there be heat!

I guess that whining actually works.  After all the time I spent complaining on the lack of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, it hit with a bang.  On Monday it was only in the 60s and then Tuesday it was up in the 90s.
I have been enjoying it as I love the heat and my fibro usually lightens up quite a bit.  But I do know several people that have really been hating this heatwave.  And I feel sorry for the folks that are calling in to transfer service because they just moved.  In all this heat!

On the move front, we have an appointment tomorrow night to go look at the house we are wanting.  I have been inside before but not to go digging around in the closets or exploring the attic.  I am really crossing my fingers as it has four bedrooms so I get one for a studio along with a garage that so that I can start playing with fire.  I can hardly wait to get a kiln and to start taking classes in beadmaking.  Oh and isn't that porch just perfect for container gardening.  I want lots of flowers there next year along with roses along the path.

So how has everyone been enjoying the beginning of summer?


  1. Cute house. It has been hot down here for a while now, I am wishing the cooler weather of fall would hurry up and come. I can't wait till we move to GA and I can have a proper garden again. It is not easy growing flowers, herbs or vegs. down here in the desert. When do you get to go and see the house?

  2. We went in and looked at the house. It is just huge inside. We are going to get it.

  3. Good Luck on the move!! That is my absolute LEAST favorite thing to do!


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