Jul 22, 2010


When I was in my teens through my 30's, I was very much a carnivore.  Oh a salad would sneak occasionally sneak it's way in along with potatoes.  But I didn't eat vegetables.  Not only was I a carnivore but it was usually red meat.  Oh I had nothing against chicken but it couldn't hold a candle against a good steak or a juicy hamburger.

When I headed into my 40's, I started eating healthier in my way.  My husband started having trouble digesting red meat so a lot more chicken started being served.  Chicken breasts that is as I have never cared for dark meat.  A few veggies started to show up on my plate.  Mainly broccoli, which I love and corn.  I am kinda amazed at the lack of variety as I do really like several off the wall vegetables, I just never ate them.

Now in my late 40's, we have subscribed to a service (Terra Organics) that delivers organic fruits and vegetables here in the Puget Sound region.  When we signed up, we made the decision to only exclude vegetables that either of us hate.  All the rest were free game.  That way we would try out some new flavors.  In this week's bounty, there was an eggplant.

Tonight was the first time in my life that I intentionally ate a meatless meal having fried eggplant and a salad.  Before tonight if I was making even a salad for a main dish, it had to have meat.  But you know what.  It was a good meal.  Might be a start of a new era for me.

So have your eating habits changed as you have grown older?


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