Jul 3, 2010


Today has actually turned into a beautiful day for a change.  We went out and did our running around already so now it's time to relax.  We can't really do much in the evenings this time of the year due to dogs being terrified of fireworks.  So we picked up a bottle of rum and some fruit juice and plan to stick about the house this evening.

One of the stops we made was into an Asian food market.  In one of my blogs, I came across a recipe for Japanese Curry made with little curry blocks.  So off we went to try to find some.  Ending spending about an hour wandering around the store just examining everything.  Found a lot of items that I already use but at a much better price.  Found dried shitake mushroom for only 2.99 a pound.  Needless to say, I grabbed some.  Also found some oolong tea in a bag.  Now I am prejudiced against tea bags but I thought that I would keep an open mind and give them a try.  Having a nice oolong in a convenient form would be nice  We shall see.

Now to begin the weekend in style.  Everyone have a safe holiday!


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