Jul 11, 2010

Review: Devil in the Details

I just love it when a book just grabs hold of me from the very first page and never lets go.  A DEVIL IN THE DETAILS is just such a book.

It is an urban fantasy that doesn't do the usual tough chick as the main character.  Instead it is a man Jesse James Dawson.  Off the top of my head, I can only think of one other urban fantasy that features a man as the main character and that would be Jim Butcher's.  Not that I am saying that these are similar in any other regard.  Jesse is a modern day samurai whose mission is life is to free people who sold their souls to demons. 

I just love Jesse, in fact he reminds me quite a bit of my own husband.  Of course my husband doesn't go around fighting demons.  Usually.  All of the characters are great.  If K.A. Stewart has one strong point, it would be a wonderful touch with characterization. 

A DEVIL IN THE DETAILS is a great start to a new series and one that I am looking forward to following.
I rate it a 4.


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