Jul 23, 2010


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Thank goodness it is Friday and I am determined to make it a good friday even though it is rather gloomy outside and I have a killer headache.  But it is friday and the rest is mind over matter.

This is the last week on this schedule.  Next week I actually start on a new one.  And to my surprise and delight, it is actually a better one.  I will be working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I am really looking forward to working two days then having time off.  And I am sure that my fibromyalgia will prefer it also.  Oh and the best news of all is that I get to keep my same supervisor.  I really like her and have known her since starting with this company as she was in my same class.  Yep she came up from Sales which gives her an unique perspective.

So any big weekend plans?  I sure don't other then starting an edit on a book for a friend.  I am doing my best to stick close to home to save money for the move.  Also Saje is working.  Got to love retail.  Now if I had the choice and the weather, I would love to go the the San Juan Islands.  DH can't believe that I have lived here in Washington & I have never been there.   Of course, we have to stick pretty close to home with our dogs.  It will be sooo nice to have a roommate after we move for puppy sitting duties.

Oh and it really is mind over matter.  My headache is gone.

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