Aug 22, 2010


2008-09-20- 356_1 Dragonfly on wing (London We...Image by Martin-James via Flickr

Walking around to the backyard today to get Boo, I saw a couple dragonflys.  Is this a sign?  They are the symbol for renewal, positive force and change.  And I am more then ready for a change.  It is time to bring more friends and love back into my life.  More creativity.  Adopting more green habits.

I feel that I have been lost and wandering in circles for the last few years.  Yeah I have been happy for the most part with my life but I haven't really been achieving anything.  I finally feel as though I am moving in the right direction with the new house.  I want to have a home again where people can drop by and visit.  Ever since we have moved into this house that we live in now wasn't conducive to having company.  And I admit that I can all too easily turn into a hermit.  But change is coming.

Now if only I survive the move.  I swear that I am not moving again.  Hubby can bury me in the backyard.


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