Aug 6, 2010

Review: Red Hot Fury

I just love it when I find new authors that kick me right in the tush, and Ms. Mackenzie has done it in spades.  Her RED HOT FURY, the first in her Shades of Fury series, is one of those books that demand attention. 

Something is just not right in the land of the Arcanes, and Fury Marissa 'Riss' Holloway is Mandated to discover just what is happening.  It all starts when the body of her best friend and fellow Fury washes up in Boston Harbor.  The only problem is that the body isn't of her best friend and instead is one of an extinct arcane race.  Now Riss has to find out what is happening and the only person that she trusts to guard her back is her ex Scott.

Riss, who is a unique and kickass heroine, is what really causes RED HOT FURY to stand apart from the rest of the paranormal romances/urban fantasies that are out there nowadays.  She is edgy and oh so gritty.  To the extent even this book is hard to classify.  There is romance so normally would fit in the paranomal romances but the grittiness is the trademark of urban fantasies.  Pick up the book and let me know where you would put it.

Oh and I rate this book a 4.25


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