Aug 21, 2010

Tracking Series

Image representing FictFact as depicted in Cru...
As everyone knows, I am a huge reader.  However because I read so many different series trying to keep up with the books I have read and when the new ones were coming out was a total headache.  And I didn't always succeed so series that I loved would fall through the cracks.  That is until a friend recommended FictFact to me.  This website has to be the greatest thing for a reader since electric lighting.  All I do is add a series into the ones I am following and I get an email when the next book comes out.  And if you are unable to find a book, they are very responsive.  Just drop the owners a line and they will have the book added to their site within a couple hours.  Check it out!  It is a wonderful site.

Oh and no I don't get paid for this review.  I just wanted to let everyone know about something that has made my life easier.


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