Sep 17, 2010

Go With Honor Bastian

Today has not been a good day.  Today was the first day that the animals were left home today for a full day in the new home.  Saje, my husband, came home to find blood spots going thru the house.  At the end, he found his cat Bastian who definitely put up a good fight but was pretty torn up.  My cat Deja was plucked but otherwise unhurt and Monster was just fine.  The best we can figure out is that Bastian stood his ground so the other cats could escape.  He was such an unusual cat and this is just the kind of thing he would do.  I got a call at work and rushed home just in time to tell him goodbye.  He was one of the neatest cats that I have ever had the pleasure of being owned by.

 Go with honor Bastian.  You will be remembered.


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