Sep 10, 2010

Review: Chains of Fire

I am certainly an addict when it comes to reading.  Even in the middle of our move, I have a book that I am reading.  In fact, it was one that I discovered during the move.  When it arrived for some reason it didn't get put with my other review books.  Needless to say as soon as it appeared, I snagged it because I love this series.

CHAINS OF FIRE, the fourth book in The Chosen Ones series, is centered around the relationship between Samuel Faa and Isabelle Mason.  Samuel, the Gypsy lawyer, is the adopted son of Isabelle's mother's butler yet they obviously have a history that goes beyond this.  When they are not working a case, they are unable to be in the same room without sniping at each other.  Yet where there is hate somethings there is also love.

I was really impressed by CHAINS OF FIRE.  In my opinion, it is the best of the series to date.  There are so many questions being answered about their history together, so many issues that they have to work through if they are going to resolve their part of the prophecy.  If you have been following this series, and if you haven't this is a series well worth starting, I highly recommend picking up this latest installment.

I rate this book a 4.2


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