Oct 10, 2010


Maedeup, Korean knotting.Image via Wikipedia
Doesn't the date just remind you of a discount calling plan?  Or maybe it is just me.  The strange places that the mind will go.  It's just such a cool date and I can't believe that I forgot about it until now when I was curling up in my recliner and starting to go thru my blogs.

This has been a good weekend.  I was going to go in and work overtime yesterday and decided against it.  I am glad that I did as I actually feel recharged.   That's a feeling that I almost forgot occurs.

We are almost all situated in our new home.  I have my studio almost finished.  Now I am just waiting to purchase a couch for the living room so that I can have my loveseat back.  I do some of my work at the table but I love to curl up in the loveseat, listen to a podcast or book and do my knotting.  Yeah I am one of those strange ones that love knotting pearls and gemstones.  I also enjoy doing kumihino though it really is a hassle to finish the necklaces. 

Speaking of jewelry, I am so excited.  I got in on the Artfire special so I now have a shop.  Of course I still have to set it up but I have taken the first step.  Heck I even took the second step and purchased a domain name that will point right to my shop.  Next step is to look for one of those wonderful peeps that work wonders with graphics so that I can get a banners and buttons.

So did anyone do anything special this weekend?

Brightest Blessings!


  1. Congratulations and best of luck with your new shop. Looking forward to the announcement when you stock it and open it for business. Have a great week.

  2. LOL! I remember those Jonathon Lithgow commercials! "Dial 10 10 321, it's JUST THAT SIMPLE!"


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