Oct 12, 2010

New Endeavors

Anyone that knows me could tell you that I have three main hobbies; reading, playing on my computer and designing jewelry.  I have been combining them a swell as I could all on this one blog.  And I thought that I was doing pretty good.  However other factors have come into play.

The big one is the fact that one of the places that I review for has decided that book blogs only count is that is all that they are.   Which seems to be to be a shame as here y'all get a chance to know me.  But the powers that be have spoken.  What makes this situation a catch 22 is the fact that new blogs also don't qualify but accord to their new policies, I will have to start a new blog...le sigh...

So anyways, you all are welcome to come over, visit and even follow me if you like book reviews.

Hope to see everyone there!


  1. Hang in there with your new book blog. Blogging is a long term strategy! BTW Have you looked into Librarything? It is an online cataloging system. I am a member (free up to 200 books, then $25 for life). See my blog sidebar as I share my catalog and book (usually jewelry) reviews.

    What might interest you is they regularly give out free books for review.

    The Beading Gem's Journal


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