Nov 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am estimating that about half of my readers are looking at this post strangely and thinking that I have lost my marbles.  After all it isn't anywhere close to January 1st, well maybe kinda close but still...  The other half know exactly what I am talking about.  Last night was Samhain which is the end of the Pagan year.    And what a great way to blow out a year with a chance to both talk to your ancestors and to put a smile on kid's face when you give them a treat.

This upcoming year looks to be actually on track.  I did get accepted for one of the @home positions so I should be working out of a basement bedroom before Thanksgiving.  We (my DH & myself) are cleaning up our credit so that we can actually purchase our home.  Thank the Goddess for a good friend that is allowing us to do a rent to own until we can.  

I didn't accomplish all of my goals for last year, at least my personal ones.  I am right on track with my professional goals but slacking on the other side.  I am right on track with my goal for this blog though. I made a commitment to have at least 200 posts by December 31, 2010.  I also have an online shop thru Artfire.  I don't have anything in it yet but I do have it.

Things that I didn't accomplish due to illness and moving are getting pushed forward to complete this year.  I plan on setting up my shop on AF and improving my picture skill even if it takes me 1000 pics just to get a good one.  I also plan on taking some more classes this upcoming year so that I can improve my design skills.  There is actually an online jewelry course that I am interested in.  We shall see about that one though.

Oh a lighter note, did you buy enough candy for all the kids or way too much?  At my house we had way too much as we didn't get any kids.  So I am having to hide it from the hubby.


  1. Happy NewYear.
    May this year bring all that you want and more than you can ever imagine.
    Congratulations on acheiving all of those goals that is wonderful.
    Have a celebration. You did it!
    I believe we never ever finish everything and you have finished some...well done.
    I am so happy for you!


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