Dec 13, 2010

Important Things

It's times like last night that really makes one consider what is important.  I was happily sitting in my recliner last night playing at my computer.  I had put a homemade steak pot pie in the oven to cook and Saje was working one of his rare mid-shifts and scheduled to be off at 8:30.  I was just relaxed, waiting for the beeper to tell me dinner was done and looking forward to spending some time with the husband before I went to bed.

Then about 8 I started getting chest pains on the right side that were also hitting in the back at the same location.  My pulse also went way up and I had shortness of breath.  I have to admit to being an internet junkie as the first time I did was to search out the symptoms of a heart attack in women.  Having concluded that it might very well be one, I then got up and got dressed in street clothes clothes, and let my roommate know that dinner was ready.  Dave immediately knew something was wrong and asked what was up.  I told him and he wanted to take me to the hospital.

Now this is where the important things come in.  I refused as Saje would be home soon and I wanted him to go with me.  I was also worried about letting the dogs out as they won't go out for Dave.  So I loaded up my purse, took care of the dogs and waited for Saje.

So I concluded that the important things were Saje and my furkids.  I have enough life insurance so that they would be taken care off.  Saje would be able to just purchase the house outright to provide a place for him and the kids.  And he would be able to write.

Everything did work out in the end.  They concluded that I had non-cardiac chest pains and sent me home with pain pills.

It just shouldn't take something this dramatic to be able to narrow down what really is important to a person.  So please everyone kiss your kids, pet your pets and let the special someones in your lives know that you love them.

Brightest Blessings!


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