Dec 28, 2010


I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! 

Ours was pretty quiet even though we had the kiddling with us.  I didn't get around to doing all the decorating that  I was originally planning.  I just decided that I would rather have the money to spend while he was here instead of spending it on decorations that will probably only be used this one time.

I have been really impressed with Logan.  I was expecting a self absorbed brat which is what his mother described.  Instead I found a quiet kid that tries to be helpful.  He fixed dinner last night (under my supervision) and he was so proud of himself.   I really think that a lot of the problem at his home is the fact that his mother has always spoiled him rotten and is now demanding respect when she doesn't even respect herself.

My hubby has decided that I am becoming a guy.  He introduced me to a game called DragonAge and I admit I am hooked.  What a great way to relax.  My only problem is that I let other things go like updating my blog and answering emails. 

Well anyways, I am not dead just in another realm 


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