Dec 15, 2010

Playing Santa

We don't usually do a lot for the holidays around here.  This year of course will be different with a teenage jock in place.  Should be interesting though.

One thing that I do tend to do is play Secret Santa with one of my online groups.  This one in particular is for MiniPin owners.  We have an Insane Elf that matches us up and we send goodies to either the dog or the owner.  We then have a chat where we all open up our gifts.  Lots of fun!

This year I am also participating in a Christmas Bead Swap.  This is the first time that I have done this one and I have all the beads picked out that I am sending out.  I just need to get them wrapped and on their way.  I am going to be busy this next Wednesday at the Post Office.

Do you join in on any of the Christmas/Yule fun with your online buddies?


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