Dec 6, 2010

So this is why they call it Monday....

I swear is something could go wrong than it did today.  No I can't say that.  The morning was going along great.  In fact I was even impressed by my sales as I usually have horrible Mondays but I was chugging right along.  And then it happened..

We had an internet outage in my area.  Usually not that big of an issue as I can always find other things to do.  But now that I am working from home I need the internet to be able to connect with the network, to get calls, well to do all sorts of things.  So I ended up rushing to go in and work at the office.

I guess that it wasn't that bad however half the stuff I needed was at home.  It was just one of days that you roll with the punches.  I am just glad that it over.


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