Dec 1, 2010

There is just something wrong

When I end up being more exhausted on a day off then one where I work 10 hours.  Of course, I am just now finally sitting down at my computer today.  With a cup of excellent oolong, 2010 Dong Ding from American Tea Room, that was sent to me by a friend and fellow tea reviewer.  So the day is starting to look brighter even though the sun has gone down.

I finally got trained to work at home yesterday at work.  And let me tell you that packing up to bring everything home was an adventure.  I ended up with 4 large boxes.  I am not quite sure how I managed to fit it all in one small cubicle at work.  So this morning, I got up bright and early to set up the computer system.  It was a good thing that I did since I forgot a power cord at work.  So another thing on my list was to stop by work and pick that up.

Next, I got cleaned up and went to get my massage.  Yes time that I got to relax and kinda enjoy.  Last weeks snow caused my massage to get canceled and I was all knotted up.  Especially in my right calve.   Dorothy wasn't able to get it all worked out but it is much better.  Now if only I could do something about my right elbow.   I am still not able to work with wire and I have promised someone a pair of earrings.  Hopefully when I get a new doc in 2011 I can get something done about it.

I did pick up the power cord from work and then stopped by Lowes to get a few things from my new office.  It is shaping up.  Not perfect yet but good enough to work in tomorrow.

Wow looking over this post it looks like I am just whining but I not really.  I am so looking forward to working from home and typing up a review for a book that I really loved.  I just hope that everyone else's hump day went better then mine.

Brightest Blessings!


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