Jan 19, 2011


I love this older advertisement.  I was one that I saw and did a double take.  I had images of rose quartz and golden padlocks.  This ad reminds me of the 50s but I could be off on my era.  But it evokes those days of "Leave It To Beaver"

And it just asks for the question to be asked.  Have you ever considered your engagement/wedding ring a collar?  Do you feel that you have given up your power?

I have to admit that I do.  I have been married three times and I have only gotten two wedding sets.. oh and a few engagement rings.  And I swear that everytime I put on a ring, I started to feel owned and taken for granted.  And it just isn't me.  The men also change.  They aren't as considerate, the flowers die down and all a sudden a night out with the guys is more important.

I guess that I am a sucker about romance and love.  I never give up.  My third marriage is the one that is going to last.  Our love is like a constant flame.  Oh and it helps that he doesn't stress out to much about me being a control freak.  Oh and I don't have a ring!

Well I guess that ad achieved its purpose.  It reached out thru the years and invoked a response.


  1. Hmm... I never thought about my ring that way... For me it is an extension of US... I got my first wedding ring when we were too young to be married and not ready to grow up - we were (and still) are up for a night out anytime, together or apart... we have enough trust to not worry about who did what, maybe because we were to young to know better when we got married...

    After losing weight I waited almost 18 months to get a new ring and can see I felt naked without it the entire time...

    My new ring is an engagement ring, we can't afford the band yet, but I know it will come! I never got the engagement ring the first time around and I am loving it now!

  2. @Angie- I guess that it is all in how you see a ring. I have decided that somewhere in the back of my brain it is a collar to me. I really love the wedding wraps and have been wanting one but I really don't want to jinx this marriage.


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