Jan 20, 2011


Seated Muse. Greek insular marble, Roman copy ...Image via Wikipedia
Muses…  I was really starting to wonder if I had one anymore.  I had screamed, pleaded and even shed a few tears.  I mean I have a new studio for her to play in.  It even  has a comfy loveseat to curl up on when I am knotting pearls and a couple work tables.   But she hasn’t wanted to come out to play.

And then yesterday, out of the blue, inspiration struck again.  It came about when I was looking at the ad about collars. Suddenly a necklace popped into my mind so I scurried down to my studio and starting gathering up the stones and other goodies that I needed.  Unfortunately I didn’t have everything that I saw in my vision but I do have a couple other necklaces laid out with notes stuck to them as for what I need to purchase to complete them.  I also had a new product line jump into my head.

While I was down there, I also finished  up a necklace that has been sitting there.  Now I don’t know what caused the muse to wake up.  Maybe it is just that time of the year or perhaps it because I am not in constant pain from my elbow.  

Now I just need to make up a pair of Goddess earring and send them out.


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