Feb 11, 2011

Review: Dark Moon

Fourteen-year-old werewolf Trey is getting more powerful by the day. But can he control his powers - or will they bite back? Trey is sent on a dangerous mission to Iceland, where he must infiltrate the evil empire of the vampire Caliban. Trey's abilities are tested to the max, challenged by a rage he cannot regulate and a dark angel with looks that kill. Lucien Charon, Trey's mentor, lies in a coma in London, Trey is his only hope for survival. But the Netherworld is intent on destruction and Trey's about to face his nemesis...

I love the paranormal and boy am I jealous of the younger readers today.  I would have been in paradise if there were such a thing as young adult books when I was a young adult.  Heck as an adult I really enjoy the genre.  It is great fun to read.

That being said, I did find that I had problems getting into DARK MOON in the beginning.  I could sympathize with Trey's troubles but I wasn't able to emphasize with him.  For me to really lose myself in a book, that is a requirement.  I have a funny feeling though that the lack is within myself.  It isn't difficult for me relate to a teenage girl but a boy apparently is another matter.

That being said, I did find overall that I enjoyed the story overall.  There was an air of tension to the whole tale made it into a page turner.  There are some particularly hair-raising scenes so I don't know that I would recommend this book to the younger part of the young adult sect unless they like to be scared.

I would rate this book a 3.75.


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