Mar 20, 2011

I want a do-over

Today was supposed to be a rather relaxed day.  I just had one thing to do which was meeting with the mortgage broker and even that went a bit wonky.

Because of our party last night, I parked in our driveway which is kinda steep so there were would be room for others to park.  Well today I went to back my car out and it got stuck.  Refused to go up the hill.  It dies and won't restart.  So I called one of my best friends to help out.  Not only that I was supposed to be meeting her and the mortgage broker. 

So Liz came over along with Mike, the broker.  We managed to get thru that okay.  I have some work to do to clean up my credit.  But it doesn't look all that bad.

Now back to my car.  Went and out that bought a new battery as I had been having issues with it.  Have had to be jumped a few times over the last couple week.  Unfortunately that didn't fix the issues.  Now it looks like I will have to buy a new starter.  Of course, I can't afford that until payday.

So we are going to be shuffling cars for the next few days.  Sigh.... 

Now I am crossing my fingers that nothing else goes wrong today.

Oh and the pic.  Just something to enjoy.


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